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The Writer...

I've been writing for as long as I can remember.  Unable to pinpoint the exact date or time when it all began, I simply reflect back to the first time, in my youth, that I discovered the tales of Poe.  This book, was among many, that the librarian, a sweet, aging nun in the Catholic school I attended, was at first apprehensive about letting me read.  My persistent return to the library day after day, to consume a few of those words, eventually wore her down, and she finally, to my delight, acquiesced.  Since the first day I devoured The Gold Bug in its entirety, I knew I wanted to be a writer.  Of course, at the time, I had neither the knowledge or wherewithal to know "how" I was actually going to go about doing this.  But I wrote, regardless of my ineptitude.  

I wrote well into my twenties as a matter of fact, never publishing, rarely sharing, but hunched over still, that legal pad, that typewriter, and eventually that keyboard.  One might say I then, lost my way.  I say simply, that I took the longer road!  For, as writing was in my blood, music was equally a nurturing companion.  And I stumbled out of one, and into the other for a very long time. 

Back at it again now though, some twenty years later, chasing the dream that started it all.  For words are more than merely a means of conveyance.  They are the life blood of stories, of dreams, of imaginings yet imagined.  They are the foundation on which we build all things, our educations, our pursuits, our relationships, even our downfalls.  Powerful, yes?  That, they are.  And I wish to share just a few with you!  

These days? Well... I spend my days working a solid nine to fiver in an organic, fair trade coffee company. I fill orders, blend beans and get to drink all the coffee I can handle. Which works well for a writer like me. After all, coffee is the "life-blood"! I do a little gaming when I can, to help unplug from the literary world. I read ALOT! No, really! Never less than three or four books at a time. It's an addiction... what else can I say? And I spend way too much time (though she would disagree) cuddling with my 6 year old Husky, Miska!