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The Monocle Man. 434 pages.


Lost in a snowstorm, Brent is lured to a place which exists somewhere between heaven and hell. And as the frantic search begins, his older brother Garrison could never imagine where it all might end. Will he ever find Brent? If so, how will they ever find their way home?


In England, Jakob seeks help from a man of magic hoping to rid his sister Lillian of the thing possessing her soul; a demon of unrelenting guile and malevolence. Aleister Crowley, beguiling and eccentric, offers to help. But at what cost? Will Jakob's own soul be damned in the process?


Reynolds heads back to his hometown of Brookwise, New Hampshire. Offering to help in the search for the missing boy, he ends up making a journey where no mortal has been before; where he’s forced to question whether he’s even still alive; where all three tales entwine!


All copies come with an inscription and a hello from me, penned within the book as my way of saying Thank You! SHIPS FREE to the LOWER 48! US ONLY! Additional shipping required for international purchases!

The Monocle Man Paperback Edition

SKU: 978-1-64456-034-1